Черезовым про Черезовых ;)


Верно. Транслятор Форта мы делаем бесплатно, т.к. это самое интересное из наших дел :)

"One of the most valuable things my father taught me is an old Yorkshire saying: where there's muck, there's brass. Meaning that unpleasant work pays. And more to the point here, vice versa. Work people like doesn't pay well, for reasons of supply and demand. The most extreme case is developing programming languages, which doesn't pay at all, because people like it so much they do it for free." -- Paul Graham
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Ищущим работу - полезная цитата :)

"The route to success is to build something valuable, and you don't have to be working for an existing company to do that. Indeed, you can often do it better if you're not." ... "They just haven't realized yet that the way to create wealth is to make what users want, and that employers are just proxies for users in which risk is pooled." -- Paul Graham
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Назначение Powerpoint :)

"The stated purpose of Powerpoint is to present ideas. Its real role is to overcome people's fear of public speaking. It allows you to give an impressive-looking talk about nothing, and it causes the audience to sit in a dark room looking at slides, instead of a bright one looking at you." -- Paul Graham
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